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Valle dello Jato



Altitude - 400 meters above sea level with considerable temperature range

Crops - Prevalence of so diversified vineyards: Nero D'Avola, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Chardonnay, Catarratto, Grillo, Vermentino, Sauvignon blanc. Altogether there are 120,000 plants. The remainder is cultivated with arable land, olive groves, pastures and woodland

mappa dei vitigni
vigneto Fattorie Azzolino

Irrigation - Drip systems with water from their own lake of mc. 38,000

Fertilization - Organic, in addition with fertigation to integrate microelements.

Pruning      -  Spurred cordon

Treatments  -  According to the rules of cultivation.

vigneto nero D'Avola


The history of Fattorie Azzolino has ancient roots, which go back to the dawn of the twentieth century. In fact, to go back to the birth of the company it is necessary to go back the century that has just passed, up to an era, characterized by a rural economy, where the Sacco family decides to enhance the love for their land and the passion for viticulture. : thus was born a farm that is based in an old farmhouse in Contrada Azzolino, in the territory of Monreale at 400 m above sea level, near the town of Camporeale. Around the 1950s, the company develops new production systems, starts winemaking, in addition to its own grapes, also grapes purchased from other producers in the area, thus becoming, within a few years, a point of reference for the winemakers of a vast territory lying between the countryside of Camporeale and Monreale.  

Today, Fattorie Azzolino is a modern entrepreneurial reality aimed at the market, which takes advantage of the synergies that arise from the combination of the Gambino and Rizzuto families, bearers of different experiences and know-how, which give the company new energies aimed at creating a product of high quality and with its own precise market position, which it also looks with interest abroad.


The idea comes from the common passion for wine and love for the land of origin, which pushes us to bet and invest in the peculiarities and generosity of the territory.

- Terre Siciliane DOC and IGT wines - Wine tasting in the cellar - Overnight in the vineyards

Fattorie Azzolino vendemmia
Intrigante Fattorie Azzolino




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